Offering Bonuses and Promotions for Your New Online Casino

You are going to have to be creative with your bonus and promotion offers that you will use to entice players to join your new online casino. If you have analysed casinos that are already established, you will have probably noticed that they have some real enticements to encourage new players to join.

Welcome bonus

This is often the most common promotion method found on casino websites. Usually, it is comprised of offering a set amount of free money based on the amount of money the new player is going to deposit. There are many variations of this and you can design one that is unique to your site. You will also have to create a list of rules that go with this free money bonus.


It is also common for many casino websites to offer ongoing promotions. This gives players who have already used up the welcome bonus to keep returning and participating in the gameplay and to make additional deposits.

Loyalty Programs

No doubt you have worked very hard to build and design your new online casino website. Then there is the extra work behind marketing. Once you get players to sign up and become member of your site, you cannot just forget about them. You should have some type of loyalty program that not only entices your players to deposit more often, but also to stay on your site instead of visiting the competition. You can do this by allowing them to collect bonus points. Then when they have accumulated a specific amount, they can cash these for rewards. This is something that serious casino players will expect and it can be a really good resource for holding onto your existing members.

You need to be creative and offer bonuses and promotions that have real value to them.